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Saturday 09. August 2014Indien - Nepal - Indien

Namaste my dear people, the past 4 weeks i was able to witness once again outstanding experiences - time to share them a little with you.Starting from the ashram, in Madurai (south of India), I went by Bus for a pitstop to Pondicherry along the east coast, a little french influenced town....[more]

Monday 21. July 2014Madurai - Nepal

Namaskaram once again from India, this time Madurai, I am currently in the central south of the country, slightly north of Madurai, in the district of Tamil Nadu. I am staying at the moment in a Sivananda Ashram to follow a 2 week lasting so called "yoga vacation". The entire day is...[more]

Tuesday 24. June 2014My internship has come to an end, so I am starting another chapter of my India journey

Namaskaram dear people, since last friday, the 20th of June, my internship has come to an end, so I am starting another chapter of my India journey - being on the road around the clock. My last days at NIMS hospital have been busy days with lots of work to do, but also with the often unpleasant...[more]

Friday 13. June 2014Namaskara from India - NIMS hospital

The past week was characterized by pleasant anticipation of the seasonal monsoon - which still remains :) obviously the rain takes his time.Last weekend i spent in another wildlife sanctuary, this time in Neyyar Dam, where i celebrated my birthday. The day was filled with a morning visit to a...[more]

Sunday 01. June 2014Nameste from India - Week 6 and 7

Namaskara from India, the last 3 weeks has been an adventure full of train rides, initial yoga-experiences, Kerala's masterpiece - the backwaters and delicious food.Varkala was once again visited be me, a place where I witnessed my first yoga classes in India with outstanding views on the sea...[more]

Monday 12. May 2014Nameste from India - Week 4

Namaste from India - week 4, during my internship I am getting more and more hands on my patients, luckily they do also improve form it and I learn to appreciate a lot the fan at work and the shower afterwards.It's still hot here, even though THE heat stayed away so far, therefor we had quite a...[more]

Wednesday 07. May 2014Nameste from Indien - Week 3

Namaste from India,last week gave me great opportunities to see new type of patients and make new experiences. For example with a 93 year old patient, in former times known as a "freedom fighter", spending his youth for India's successful independency in 1947 - i was impressed about...[more]

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